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Soccer betting tips

Soccer betting tips – how to play

Soccer-betting-tipsThere are different kind of sport websites offered soccer betting tips. Many tipsters offer free and paid tips, but what to choose. As you know, every worker gets salary on a weekly or monthly basis. So tipster do work, analyse, spend hours a day on the PC to make better results, than the previous month and want to get more and more wins. We think that like every job this work cost money, so you like a customer, decide to choose free or paid predictions. There are good free services and good paid services, but no one can say, that can make 100% winnings. Mostly tipster gives several kinds of soccer betting tips: 1X2, 12 on Asian handicap and under over. Those are one of the most popular predictions on soccer matches. 1X2, 12 on Asian handicap and under over. Those are one of the most popular predictions on soccer matches. Now a day becomes very popular unders and overs, because looks like its more easy to win. You have only 2 possibilities over 2.5 goals and under 2.5 goals.


Football Pick June 2015

Football pick 2015

Latest football pick on daily basis for free on our web portal


Football pick

03.06 PANATHINAIKOS – ASTERAS TR. – 1 – 1.65 football-pick

04.06 CRUZEIRO – FLAMENGO – 1 – 1.75 football-pcks

06.06 SANDEFJORD – ODD GRENLAND – 2 – 1.75 football-pick

07.06 COPENHAGEN – HOBRO – 1 – 1.50 football-pcks

09.06 FINLAND – ESTONIA – 1 – 1.65 football-pick

10.06 DAEJEON – FC SEOUL – 2 – 1.50 football-pck

11.06 JAPAN – IRAQ – 1 – 1.40 football-pck

12.06 WALES – BELGIUM – 2 – 1.85 football-pick

13.06 SOUTH AFRICA – GAMBIA – 1 – 1.50 football-pick

14.06 ETHIOPIA – LESOTHO – 1-  1.55 football-pck

16.06 HONG KONG – MALDIVES – 1 – 1.40 football-pck

17.06 ARGENTINA – URUGUAY – 1 – 1.60 football-pck

18.06 NASAF – DINAMO SAM. – 1 – 1.40

19.06 ODD GRENLAND – START – 1 – 1.40 football-pick

20.06 LUZERN – WIL – 1 – 1.55 football-pck

21.06 COLOMBIA – PERU – 1 – 1.50 football-pick

22.06 ROVANIEMI ROPS – ILVES – 1 – 1.45 football-pck

25.06 Vaasa – IFK Helsinki – 1 – 1.75 football-pick

26.06 Mexico – Costa Rika – 1 – 1.55

28.06 GOMEL – SLAVIA MOZYR – 1 – 2.05


30.06 DESSEL – WESTERLO – 2 – 1.70

Football pick

US Open – Bet £10 Get £30

US Open – Bet £10 Get £30

Betfred_US_Open-offerWith the golf season in full swing, Betfred are making the most of it with a Bet £10 Get £30 welcome offer.

The US Open brings together the world’s elite golfers and as this year’s renewal rapidly approaches, excitement is growing ever stronger.

All players need to do to take advantage of this new welcome bonus is sign up, and stake just £10 to claim their £30 bonus.  Click here to CLAIM.

Double Delight

Double Delight

Ofdouble-rugby-leaguefer Details: Double Delight: If your player scores the first try of the match and then goes on to score another, we will double your first try scorer price. Available on the following games:

Thursday 11th June
Super league Leeds v Castleford

Friday 12th June
Super league St Helens v Wigan

Saturday 13th June
Super league Catalans v Hull

Offer to Start: 08/06/2015 00:00
Offer End: 13/06/2015 17:00

How to earn money from gambling

money from gambling

money from gambling Most football bettors want to make a lots of money from betting and to  live   with this money. Its very good idea, but its not easy to happen. So, why its happened like this, why people lose. Mostly, players don’t make bets correctly. There is exceptions, but big % of them play without strategy,  without winning concept. Lets give an exampe. A man enter bookmaker  office, see today match program live games. Decide to play 2 overs for the day, that’s  not bad. He wants to make money from gambling. Put 2 games over 2.5,  odds was 2.00 and 1.50 , total 3.00 Put it 10 $ and gone. After several  hours those man eneter again the bookmaker office, take the money /30$/ look at the program and decide to play again 2 games over 2.5 with 30$. This time he make something more secure and odds that choose was 1.45 and 1.30. He win again, total odds 1,88 give him a total of $56. He was happy, but seems this is not enough,  he say: ” Ohhh, its easy to make money, lets win something bigger, lets make hundred and thousands of dollars. He take a beer and again look at today games. Its evening almost. Most games finished, but those man wants to play, he dont want to wait for next day, he wants to earn money from gambling now. He get another beer and decide to play, see 1 game, he dont see others, Odd are small – 1,25. He think a while and put another game with odd 1.30, Total stake was $ 50, he bet those 2 matches and wait. One game was winning 1,30, but those with odds 1,25 lost. It was stake in a row, so ticket lost and those man lost his money. With how much he start? He start with 10$. How much he make? He make almost nothing at the end. I want to take this exampe to you, to see how you could not play, becuase even if you have lucky day, on 3rd, ot 5th, ot 6th time you will lose. Do not play with all your money and be carefull. Its not good practice to drink alcohol, when make bets.

money from gambling

Betting Strategy

Betting Strategy – betting system

Betting Strategy-betting systemBetting Strategy is one of the most important things in betting. As we mentioned in our last article lots of people play with small stakes on high odds, or bet big money on small odds. In most strategies according to their type, for every losing bet you need to increase the amount of the next bet with different % of increasing. Sometimes its 100% like 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 and etc. , sometimes with 50 %, sometimes with over 100%. One of the most known betting system is Martingale where stake increase double with every bet, if its lose, if its win, you do not increase it. Odds there must be 2.00, or more 2.00. Every time you win you make the same bet for the next hand. If you lose, you double your bet for the next hand. When you have a winning hand after a series of losing hands, your net win will be $10. In fact, every time you win a bet, you’ll be up another $10.

Lets see now example here: You bet $10. You win, so you bet $10 again. Then you lose, so you bet $20. You lose again, so you bet $40. You lose again, so you bet $80. You win and if odds are 2.00 for example you get 80 x 2.00 = 160 USD. What you give till now – 10+20+40+80 = 150 USD total. You get 160, so  you winning is 10 USD. The betting strategy is simple, but can not be said that this system is for everybody, because there is a risk to lose many times and them your stake will become very big. For example if you use this betting strategy, start with 10$ and lose 7 time in a row in 8th you must put 1280 $. a lots of money, do you think so, but if not win again, you must bet with 2560, if lose again 5120 $. This is a lots, lots of money if you make a bad series of betting games. One of the most important things in betting is to decide how much you can bet. Never bet what you can’t afford to lose. This is the simplest rule to understand, but hardest rule to stick by most punters. Wish you luck !