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Can Man United Stay On The Top 4?

Manchester United’s title aspirations about staying in the top 4 will be determined in their upcoming matches. The Louis Van Gaal side is gearing up for a good series of games after successfully beating Stoke City on 2nd February.                                                        

February is off to a good start for the Red Devils who are determined to win the EPL. Manchester United have improved their form and if they continue playing the way they played on 2nd February, they are likely to finish in the top four.

Before that, however, United’s playing style was not favoured by many punters. Their dismal performance in the field saw many fans call for the resignation of Van Gaal. Their performance saw a decline in best bookies offers to favour Man United.

Van Gaal’s Poor Decisions

Club manager Van Gaal continues to make baffling decisions. Making changes that not only make it hard for punters to rely on bookmakers football tips to predict a favourable outcome but decisions that make them yearn for his blood!

If Van Gaal continues to make the not so favourable decisions, a lot of people agree that there are pretty slim chances that the Red Devils will lift the Premier League Trophy come May. They are however optimistic that a top four position is a likely target.

The club’s indifferent game play this season has seen them rest at the fifth position with five points behind bitter rivals Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

Despite the inconsistency of performances, there are who are still going for the best bookies offers to favour their beloved club as the tide seems to change in the club’s favour since their last match.

The Injured Greats

As much as the team is playing inexcusable football, manager Van Gaal is plagued by a long list of injuries from his best players. There are more than eight players of the first XI injured that would have helped the club do a bit better.

Legends such as Luke Shaw, Chris Smalling, Anthony Valencia, Jesse Lingard and Wayne Rooney have all been sidelined. Now Rooney is coming in as a substitute for the club until he fully recovers.

Thankfully, Rooney seems to be on the recovery path as it was seen during the 2nd Feb game against Stoke City where he overcame his injury and slow pace to net in a goal.

Rooney is also a few goals shy of matching the legendary Sir Bobby Charlton’s score record at the club. Many bettors are relying on bookmakers football tips to take a shot at Manchester United finishing the league in the top four position.

Spectators are now saying that players look tired more so in the attacking positions and it clear that there is a lack of depth in the squad.

Since Louis Mourinho is rumoured to be meeting with Club officials for a possible takeover, Van Gaal will be hard pressed to make his boys perform and, at least, finish somewhere in the top position if not win the EPL!

Pep Guardiola’s arrival could mean Paul Pogba, John Stones, and Lionel Messi signings in summer

The confirmation announcement that Pep Guardiola will be taking over from Manuel Pellegrini at the end of the season has seen punters start speculation

Rumour mills doing rounds suggest that we should start seeing marquee transfer signings of the world’s best football players to Manchester City.

The English club that is on top of the EPL league currently overshadowed winter transfer deadline by declaring that current Bundesliga league club (Bayern Munich) Guardiola is taking over as the new manager come July.

Manchester City fans are ecstatic with the announcement as they believe when the Spaniard takes over the reigns at City, the club will have a better future.

More are now concentrating on the martingale system to help them predict which players Pep will bring along.

Guardiola is seen to have a magnet ability that attracts the best footballers such as John Stones, Everton defender, Barcelona star striker Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba Juventus sensational midfielder.

These are players that will see bookmakers attract punters by giving out a big betting bonus.


The Rumour About Possible Signups

The BBC is helping churn the rumours by writing on their website that it’s likely that Pep is going to lure into his camp the likes of Messi and Pogba to make their debut in the EPL. They were also hasty to make a claim that such a move would be scary for the league!

The rumour BBC is spreading doesn’t stop there as it also claims that Pep a 45-year-old manager will make his attempt by luring Everton with a  £50m to sign up Stones. Unfortunately, punters believe that luring Lionel Messi to play in the EPL is far-fetched.

The belief that it would be difficult to convince Lionel Messi to leave his success behind at Barcelona and his other team players Luis Suarez and Neymar.

There are some bookmakers offering wagers and a betting bonus to bettors who are willing to chance that Lionel Messi would consider a move to the EPL and at Manchester City.

Should this dream change into reality, Manchester City would have to pay a lot of money to get Messi. Moreover, it would also boil down to the player whether he would want to leave Camp Nou and make his debut in the EPL at the Etihad Stadium.

The Guardian Report

Not to be left behind in the rumour mill, The Guardian through Michael Butler reports that the first list of transfers on Pep Guardiola’s list this summer will start of with Pogba. However, the manager in waiting is touted to raid the reds and sign in Thiago Alcantara.

Thiago Alcantara has been rumoured for a long while to want a move to Manchester. The Italian-born player is in Pep’s good books who happened to sign him from Barcelona in 2013, notes Michael Butler.

But before we get it twisted, it’s important that we remember that despite having success at Barcelona, Pep didn’t last long at Bayern Munich as it was predicted. Will his tenure at the EPL be better or worse? We are yet to see.

Punters, however, are not sitting and waiting for Pep to make his debut to make a move. They have already begun studying the martingale system to use it when the 45-year-old Italian takes over at Manchester City.

Van Gaal has admitted that he is pleasantly surprised at the impact Anthony Martial has had on the club

Louis Van Gaal admits that he is thoroughly impressed with Anthony Martial’s incredible performance in the English Premier League after his move to Manchester United.

Twenty-year-old Anthony Martial on Tuesday 2nd February became the man of the match. Anthony scored and set another score to help the Red Devils land in a 3-0 victory over Stoke City at Old Trafford.

Anthony Martial moved from Monaco and joined the Red Devils during the summer transfer window. Marital has successfully landed six goals, made three assists in the nineteen Premier League games he has featured in for Manchester United.

With such an impressive start in a new club and new league, every betting experts know that Martial is a significant player to include in their strategy. Moreover; United manager Louis Van Gaal is pleased with Anthony’s potential in his team.


The United Website Interview

With an interview with Manchester United website after the 2nd February win over Stoke-City, manager Van Gaal said that at a young age moving from the French league and make leaps in the Premier League is impressive.

Louis Van Gaal sees a lot of potential in Anthony Martial and wishes him Godspeed in his career at the EPL. Punters can use Martingale System to come up with great betting patterns.

The Red Devil’s manager went further to reveal how he is pleased with the current Manchester United’s return to winning after suffering through a rough start to the successful 2015-2016 season.

Van Gaal says he is a happy coach who is pleased with the way his team is creating goals, with an incredible build-up beginning at the back and culminating at the finish line.


The Anthony Martial Charm

Nowadays, Manchester United is constantly under fire for being goal shy; Martial’s curled efforts Tuesday night against Stoke City proved the-20-year-old’s forward vision, finishing and effortless technique.

Anthony Martial is keen to play all through the middle. However, the team’s manager reports his reluctance in altering Martial’s position should he continue excelling on the left flank

“Anthony’s role is dependent on the player’s and team’s shape, he loves playing the striker position more than his current standing, but should he continue playing this good, I will not be changing him,” Says Manchester United’s Manager Louis Van Gaal.

Any bettingexpert following Manchester’s presence will agree that the same way Van Gaal is reluctant at changing Juan Mata and Wayne Rooney’s gameplay, he should leave Anthony Martial to play the position he is playing now.


Anthony Martial want’s to secure his position in his new club, and he is doing all he can to secure it, we can only predict better tidings for the youngster at Old Trafford and wish him the best of luck.

It’s not good to put all your eggs in one basket we agree, however, given the progressive improvement for Manchester United in the field, we encourage punters to use the martingale system to predict a better outcome.

Louis Van Gaal Insists Wayne Rooney Is “Undroppable” In This Form For Manchester United

man-united-fansLouis Van Gaal, Manchester United manager, hails the impact that has seen one of his star player’s Wayne Rooney undergo. Van Gaal is pleased with Rooney’s current performance and insists that he doesn’t need to be dropped.

The Englishman (Wayne Rooney) who doubles up as the Red Devil’s captain ensured that his name went on the scoresheet in the ongoing league.

in their latest game, the Red Devils with the help from Rooney beat Stoke City 3-0, which places them five points off the top four.

Given his current scoresheet, captain Rooney is only just as many games behind Sir Bobby Charlton’s club record goalscorers that stand at 249!

In a post-match interview, Manager Van Gaal hoped Rooney will continue scoring and beat the scoring record as when he scores goals, the club also wins.

In the wake of Rooney’s fiery performance on the pitch, Bookmakers are looking to cash in and betting bonus is a strategy they have introduced to entice bettors!


The Incredible Substitute

With his tremendous performance, everyone forgot Wayne Rooney came in as a substitute when they played Stoke City in an away game. Van Gaal says that in his team he treats every player equal.

Wayne Rooney, just like everyone else has to prove his worth in every game, in each training session before he is allowed to play any match. Given his form, Van Gaal is happy that he has no reason to bench him now.

In the wake of Rooney’s performance in recent matches, punters should take advantage of football tips offers to them by bookmakers, study them and use them while making wagers.

Wayne Rooney has had a not so good start in the 2015/2016 season, however as the season moved along, the club captain’s uptick coincides with United’s improved fortunes.

A couple of week’s back, however, Louis Van Gaal was forced to deny rumours publicly that he offered his resignation letter. The rumours started after the Red Devils lost 1-0 defeat to Southampton on their home ground.

Given their turnaround fortunes, Van Gaal can afford to smile again and watch his team under the captainship of Wayne Rooney, try their best to win the EPL with the remaining matches.



Thanks to Rooney’s current form on the pitch, punters are now analysing the best football tips to help them choose the correct betting bonus as Wayne Rooney looks to make five more goals to match Sir Bobby Charlton’s record.

As Manchester United prepares for their next match, all eyes are trained on Van Gaal’s team to see which strategy they plan on using. The rest of the season is a going to be tough but not impossible for Man. United.

The World’s 15 Most Valuable Footballers, Including Harry Kane, Anthony Martial And More

A player’s value is considered through the transfer fee, performances and the player’s personal attributes. These are factors that head-hunters look for when they are in pursuit of the must have football players.

A recently launched study shows that Harry Kane now stands as the fifth most valued football player in the world. Well, he may come in at the fifth position, however, he still trails Lionel Messi in terms of worth by three times!

The latter (Lionel Messi) is still the world’s most valued player in the world even after his stock dropped by a whopping €17 million!

If you visit any bookies today, they will update you with the news that the CIES Football Observatory has done these valuations. The costs are centered on the following aspects:

  1. The performance and the personal characteristic of the footballers

  2. Economic model analysis transfer fees

  3. The players ages, contract lengths and positions

CIES advanced technologies have warranted players in the five big leagues to be assessed. The league’s’ picked include; Ligue 1, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga.

The recent assessment shows that Lionel Messi’s value has dipped by €17 million. Neymar’s value, on the other hand, has soared in the last six months. He was previously valued at €94 million, he is now valued at €157 million.


Other Players

Before you visit bookies online or on the high street and make that deposit bet, you should also consider that Eden Hazard is still ranked at the third position.

Although he has had a difficult time in the Premier League, and suffered a decrease in valuation by €12 million, Eden is still firmly placed as the third most expensive footballer.

What has astounded bookies, punters and football fans alike is Kane’s remarkable rise. a staggering €35 million has been added to his value and he is now valued at €91 million.

Moreover, with such an addition, Harry Kane has risen from the mid 20s position and is now sitting pretty at the 5th position.  He is now worth more than the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Sergio Aguero and Luis Suarez.

The bigwigs missing from the top 15 places include; 16th to 19th placed;

16. Robert Lewandowski

17. Gareth Bale

18. Romelu Lukaku

19. Diego Costa

Arsenal’s golden boy Mesut Ozil who is currently the English Premier League player of the season sits at the 27th position. Ozil is valued at €51 million and with his current form, we predict that by the next audit, he will have jumped several places.

3 Targets For Manchester United To Hit In 2016

Punters agree that in the commencement of the 2015/2026 Premier League season, Louis Van Gaal and his team Manchester United should have made their targets clear. They should have focused on improving on the previous season.

Unfortunately for punters who had backed The Red Devils for performance in their Premier League Predictions, their hopes seem to have gone down the drain.

The waters are muddied and thanks to the lackluster performance leaving Manchester United cemented in the fifth position, 3 points clear from the fourth placed team. Manchester United is also nine points behind the league leaders.

So as we start off in the second half of the league in 2016, what are the Red Devils needed to do other than signing aboard Messi and Neymar to help them take the league? Well, they need to start by setting themselves achievable targets.

Before you ring your bookmaker and look at a possible Deposit Bet, we can discuss three things Van Gaal and his team should aim at achieving in 2016.

Bag Some Silverware

To be honest, this is a target that should be aimed at 2016/2017 season. The Red Devils should focus on lifting the EPL, Europa League or the FA Cup within the course of 2016. Such targets would come in handy helping The Red Devils regain their fading glory

2013 was the last year that Manchester United bagged proper silverware that was the Community Shield. So if they fail to win any silver in 2016, Manchester will have gone four years without any cup/trophy. Unfortunately, nothing of the first half of the season shows that United are still in the race to win the EPL.

Manchester United slumped after long serving manager Alex Ferguson retired and had been going through a rough time. It now seems a tough hurdle to win competitions, but this is Manchester United, a club that is supposed to keep winning as opposed to loosing.

Come Up With A Sensible Summer Transfer Window Plan

the summer of 2014 went down as the most difficult transfer period for The Red Devils. key player Daley Blind was brought in too late when his transfer ought to have been arranged much sooner. He now looked as if he was the last resort.

Moreover, Radamel Falcao’s last-minute arrival at the club was also a confusing move as Manchester United was well equipped with centre-forwards that time.

Punters were also not pleased with Angel Di Maria’s signing because it never changed Premier League Predictions in United’s favour.

2014 was the year where United failed to invest in the midfield centre an aspect that made it worse for the club.

2015 The Year United Was Slightly On Target

2015, the club seemed to be a little on target and better organised in buying players. a majority of the new signings were handled before the team went on a pre-season tour and for a minute, there was coherence sense.

That said; however, the end of the transfer window saw players sold/traded off from the team and thus left the Red Devils short of attacking options. The departure saw Old Trafford struggle with attacking and defending

So to help regain their fans loyalty and also perform better, we know that Van Gaal and his boys should make a definite plan in 2016. They need to focus their attention on achievable deals in centres where strengthening is needed and do all they have to do to steer clear of last-minute manoeuvring.

With such a plan in action, punters and fans alike will up their Deposit Bet and energise their support for the team.