Can Harry Kane Beat Alan Shearer’s Goal Scoring Record?

Can Harry Kane Beat Alan Shearer’s Goal Scoring Record?

Harry Kane has displayed any doubters wrong that he is a one season wonder. The Spurs forward has now become the leading goal scorer in the Premier League and already beaten his total scored last season in the league. On current form he is ranked easily within the top ten strikers in Europe and his manager Mauricio Pochettino has recently stated he thinks he is one of the best in the world.

There are not many players in recent history that have come close to breaking Alan Shearers Premier League goal scoring record of 260. Kane is on course to break it if he stays in the Premier League and away from serious injury. After just 79 matches the England Forward has scored 45 goals. If he averages 24 goals a season for the next five, he will break the record and still only be 27 years old.

Kane is now two goals ahead of Jamie Vardy in the race for top goal scorer in the Premier League. He scored two goals in Tottenham’s last outing against Bournemouth, which his team won 3 – 0. It puts them in a great place to win their first title since 1961. They now sit in second place and are five points behind surprise league leader Leicester City.

Today match predictions are impossible to make but win or draw you can be sure that Kane has given his all to the team. He is loved by the Spurs fans who call him “one of their own” and loves the club. If Daniel Levy ever tried to sell him, he would never be allowed back in White Hart Lane as the fans would kill him.

The last English player that won the Golden Boot for the Premier League was Kevin Phillips. He managed to put the ball in the back of the net 30 times when playing in the 1999 – 2000 season for Sunderland.

Kane was recently quoted as saying about breaking the record “It’s a lot of goals, and I’m still a long way off but Shearer was an idol of mine growing up, to see how many goals he scored was incredible, I take it season by season. I don’t like looking too far ahead because you never know what can happen.”

Today match predictions may be difficult to call, but one thing is for sure is that Kane will be banging in the goals. He has just joined a prestigious group of English footballers after reaching the 20 goals a season mark for the second consecutive year. The only other Englishman to make it are Robbie Fowler, Andy Cole, Les Ferdinand and of course Alan Shearer.

Kane is hoping that he can inspire other managers in the top divisions to put faith in youth. He is a prime example of what can happen when a manager trusts in his young players. Kane believes that up and coming homegrown players will give their all to the club. Lose, win or draw the youngster will give everything they have and will also give them the confidence to progress their game to the next level. It is a formula that is working well at Spurs at the moment, and one that other teams will look to copy should the success continue at White Hart Lane.

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Predictions For The Remaining Games Of Top Three Contenders For EPL Title

Football predictions todayWith only a few games remaining there are three teams left competing for the Premier League title? Arsenal, Tottenham and Leicester are the teams leading the pack and most likely to win the title this year. There has been no value betting on the usual suspects to win the title this year. Below we look into the games remaining for the three team. Football predictions today are very hard to make but below is what I think is going to happen and who is going to be crown champions at the end of the season.

Arsenal – Currently third place on 55 points

Watford F.C (Home) – WIN

The last time the Gunners faced Watford was in the FA Cup. The Hornets won the game 2-1 and knocked last year’s winners out of the competition. Surely they will not let them defeat them again this time around?

West Ham United (Away) – LOSS

The game against the Hammers is huge and will go a long way in deciding Arsenal fate this year. If they lose, they will almost certainly be out of the running and could well be in danger of not making the top four.

Crystal Palace F.C (Home) – WIN

During the first half of the season, Palace was doing extremely well, and there were even calls for Pardew to be the next England manager. Since the turn of the year though they have been dreadful and are lucky they got enough points to the start to avoid relegation.

West Brom F.C (Home) – WIN

It is going to be a tough match for Wenger’s men and one that they must overcome. I can see them sneaking past by a single goal.

Sunderland F.C (Away) – DRAW

Sunderland will be fighting for survival and Sam Allardyce is an expert at setting his teams up to defend well. It could make for a very frustrating day for the Gunners.

Norwich City F.C (Home) – WIN

Norwich is going to be battling hard to try to win the game to make sure safety. Arsenal should have enough in their locker to pass this test.

Manchester City F.C (Away) – WIN

Depending on how results go, this could either be a match between the two giant clubs for Champions League qualification or the title.

Aston Villa F.C (Home) – WIN

Villa are already down and the only thing stopping them from winning this game is their nerves. If they keep calm, they should win it easily. Football predictions today are hard to make, but the easiest one is that Villa is getting relegated.

Total points tally for the season: 74

Tottenham Hotspur is now second place on 61 points

Liverpool F.C (Away) – DRAW

Spurs first game back after the international break is one of their toughest of the season. They go to Anfield and need a win to keep the pressure on Leicester.

Manchester United F.C (Home) – WIN

Manchester United have played consistently badly all season but have managed to get more results than the performances deserved. Spurs energy and attacking power should be enough to see off the Red Devils.

Stoke City F.C (Away) – DRAW

No club in the Premier League likes to visit the Britannia Stadium. At home, Stoke is a tough team to beat and raise their game against the big clubs.

West Brom F.C (Home) – WIN

Spurs should be able to keep a lid on the West Brom attacking talents. Their firepower will be too much for West Brom to handle and enough to see them, though.

Chelsea F.C (Away) – DRAW

It has been 26 years since Tottenham last won at Stamford Bridge. They will be hoping that they can put an end to that awful record.

Southampton F.C (Home) – WIN

Southampton went into a slump during the midway point of the season. They have since turned things around and are in with a chance of a top-four finish.

Newcastle United F.C (Away) – WIN

Newcastle should know their fate by the last game of the season. There is a big chance that they may need to win their final game to stay up. Spurs should have too much class for them.

Total points tally for the season: 76

Leicester City is now first place on 66 points

Southampton F.C (Home) – WIN

If Leicester is going to finish top, they will need to start by beating a tough Southampton team. If they pass this test, they are going to be very hard to knock off the top spot.

Sunderland F.C (Away) – WIN

Leicester like to hit teams on the counter-attack which will be hard against the defensive set up at Sunderland. They have managed to sneak a lot of one nill results this season and should do it again here.

West Ham F.C (Home) – LOSS

If West Ham had not of gone through a slump over the Xmas period, they would be sitting in Leicester shoes right now. The Hammers are at home and should have too much firepower for Ranieri men.

Swansea City F.C (Home) – WIN

No match is easy to predict in the Premier League and this season the value betting is on the underdog. Leicester will feel confident going into the game, but anything can happen.

Manchester United F.C (Away) – LOSS

Manchester United should be fighting for the title after spending £250 million pounds on new players. Instead, they will be trying to secure a top four finish, so they qualify for the Champions League. They will need to win this one if they are to make it.

Everton F.C (Home) – WIN

The Everton defence like to play the ball from the back which has cost them many points this season. Leicester is experts at counter attacking and will get chances to win the game though their high pressing.

Chelsea F.C (Away) – DRAW

It could be a fairytale moment for Ranieri as if his team manage to hold onto their lead; they could clinch the title at his old club Chelsea.

Total points tally for the season: 79

Beginners Guide to Matched Betting

matched-bettingIf you are interested in Matched Betting and would like a more in depth look at this method and would like some online tools as well as tips to get started you can find more information if you read this matched betting guide.

In your quest to become a successful gambler, you must be prepared to endure ridiculous offers of systems and information that often prove to be ineffective, at times bordering on being a scam. Recognizing you neither have the time nor money to waste on such nonsense, there is one system that has proven to be very effective for an extended period of time. It’s called matched betting.

What is Matched Betting?

In a nutshell, matched betting is a process where a sports or horse racing punter bets both sides of an event in order to lock in guaranteed profits. It’s similar to a standard arbitrage process with one very important distinction, one side of the betting process is done with free money in the form of free bet offers given by online sports and race books. The process will work in any gambling environment where the odds are fixed and the possible outcome has two sides.

Beginners Guide to Matched Betting

As a beginner in the world of matched betting, this guide is designed to take you through the matched betting process at the most basic level. After you have invested enough time to master the process, you should be able to recognize all the potential it has for creating healthy profits on a consistent basis.

Step 1: The first thing you will need to do is open up at least two online wagering accounts. The first one will need to be with at least one reputable sports/race book. You want to select a reputable site(s) that has a distinguished history of giving out free bets as incentives for signing up and/or reloading your account. The other primary account needs to be with a reputable betting exchange like Betfair. This will allow you to act as the bookmaker for certain matched betting transactions.

Step 2: You need to do what’s necessary to secure your free bet(s). In some cases, you might get a free bet for simply signing up and making an initial deposit. More likely, you will have to make a small wager to earn the right to the free bet. This is easily handled by making the minimum required bet with your sports book on any event. This is called a “back bet.” Then you need to go to your betting exchange account and offer that same bet to other gamblers. This is called a “lay bet.” As long as the odds on both the back and lay bets are very close to the same, your risk will be minimal. Example: You bet £10 with your sports book at +150 on a soccer match. On the betting exchange, you lay the same bet at say +155. If the match has a favorable outcome, you win £15 from your sports book while having to pay out £16 (£15.50 on bet + exchange commission of 5% of bet amount) on the exchange for a net loss of £1. If your bet loses, you lose £10 to the book, but win £9.50 (£10 – 5% commission) on the exchange for a net loss of £.50. In both cases, your net loss is insignificant, but now you qualify for a free bet.

Step 3: Start matched betting with free bet monies. The betting process is going to be the exact same betting process you used to make your qualifying wager. The only difference is your sports book wager will be free. NOTE: Matched betting only works if the stake amount is returned along with any winnings. “Stake forfeited” free bets should not be used for this process. Here’s an example of how your guaranteed winnings are created. You back bet £50 with your sports book on a soccer match at +300. On the exchange, you lay the same soccer match at the same odds of +300. If your team wins, you collect £200 from the sports book while paying £152.50 (£150 + 5% commission) on the exchange. Your net profit is £47.50. If your team loses, you lose nothing with your sports book because the bet was free, but you win £47.50 (£50 bet – 5% commission. Again, your net profit is £47.50. GUARANTEED PROFIT.

Final Step: Collect your winnings and start looking for your next free bet.

If you are interested in a more in-depth look at Matched Betting, you can find a link to our matched betting guide at the top of the article.

March Soccer Prediction 2016

March Soccer Prediction

Soccer prediction for March 2016:



03.03 Dinamo B. – Steaua – 1X double chance – 1.50 football-pck

04.03 Le Havre – Valanciennes – 1 – 1.70 football-pck

05.03 Sheffileds W – Rotherham – 1 – 1.65 football-pick

06.03 Sion – Vaduz – 1 – 1.65 football-pck

07.03 Split – Istra – 1 – 1.45 football-pick

09.03 Fremunde – Farense – 1 – 1.75 football-pck

10.03 Borusia Dortmund – Tottenham – over 2.5 – 1.80 football-pck

11.03 Karpaty- Dinamo Kiev – 2 – 1.40 football-pck

12.03 Gillingham – Crewe – 1 – 1.60 football-pck

13.03 Zenith – Rubin – 1 – 1.50 football-pck

14.03 Gil Vicente – Guimaraes B. – 1 – 1.55 football-pck

March Soccer Prediction 2016

16.03 Mamelodi Sundowns – Bloemfontein – 1 – 1.50 football-pick

17.03 Once Caldas – Envigado – 1 – 1.45 football-pick

18.03 St.Polten – Klagenfurt – 1 – 1.40 football-pck

22.03 Bohemians – Longford T. – 1 – 1.75 football-pck

March Soccer Prediction

23.03 Kashima – Kofu – 1 – 1.50 football-pick

24.03 Ukraine – Cyprus – 1 – 1.40 football-pck

Soccer predictions for March 2016, daily soccer picks, soccer analysis, soccer articles and latest football news

26.03 Peterhead – Cowdenbeat – 1 – 1.45

27.03 Fluminense – Boavista – 1.45

28.03 Leyton – Hartlepool – 1.65

29.03 Coventry – Colchester – 1 – 1.90

30.03 Panduri – Steaua – over 2.5 – 2.00

31.03 Buxton – Marine – 1 – 1.70