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Are free bets really free?


These days, in the era of technology and speed, we all are gifted. One of the booming industries in today’s era is gambling and betting industry. These industries spend and earn millions and billions of dollars. Most of us have tried our luck on online sports betting or casino games. We must have seen the words “free bets”. But are these really free? Let’s find out the answer in this article.

Most of the new players tend to sign up on the basis of free bets provided by that company. However, how true is the free bets, we will explore. The most important and tricky part involved in this situation is the terms and conditions section. This is however written in very small fonts and is the most tricky part where all the terms and conditions are described and on the basis of those terms and conditions its determined that how many free spins player will get or even if he qualify to have one free spin. The companies very cunningly make you feel it’s a good deal but is that true.


Online casino companies offer promo cash as part of free spins.But you actually never get these promo cash; you can only use them as stakes. Only your winnings will be reflected in your account not your promo cash. Free bet is also one of the tricky part that company uses to trick your mind and make you feel you are getting something for free. But always remember you have to bet from your own money if you want to qualify for the same. In simple words, your money will always be involved and you are getting nothing for free.

Either you are an experienced person or a newbie in this online gaming industry, you should always be careful and read all the terms and conditions in detail. To be on a safer side you should always check the license for that company. Do not get excited reading free bonus, spins, free bets etc.  They are meant to trick you, so that you sign up.

In some cases, free spins or bonus does not mean it’s a bad place. It could be the best place to place your bets. Just be careful and bet safely.

Online casino guide


We live in a world of speed, internet, mobiles and what not. The technology has evolved, it affects everything and so does the gambling industry. Gambling industry mints millions of dollars each day using technology. The companies are investing big in making gambling and casinos more fun and easy to reach. Today we have millions of online casino games, slots, roulette etc. With just one click we can browse to our favorite place for playing our favorite online casino game. In a live casino game, a human dealer starts the game in real time from a casino table. The users or players can see the live feed on their devices. Players can make betting decisions via a console on their computer screen, and can communicate with the dealer using a text chat function.

Online casinos are basically virtual casinos where people come and play. These online casinos are more or less like the real casinos; one can play with real money and earn millions of dollars overnight.One needs an internet connection to browse and play their favorite game. There are many benefits if you play online. First and foremost is you can play anytime, anywhere you want. You can play on your mobile device or laptop or tablet, games like bet spin, slots, roulette, bingo etc.. You can play with real money or if you are new you can also play for free and practice and master the skills.

There are few games which are very costly for the company and for the player too. A live dealer game is very expensive. It requires huge investment. This is because there will be a live stream which will be seen the players playing around the globe from their devices. Players have to make their betting decisions from their devices while sitting at home or office or any other place.


Many people are afraid too because playing online involves real money if you want to play as a player. But most of the online casinos provide very high standards of security. Your money is always safe and your accounts are always protected. You have the option to get paid via various online money transfer websites which are reliable and 100% safe too. For example: Skrill and PayPal are one such example.

So just grab your device and enter into the world of endless possibilities and fun.