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Tips for casino games


Where to play slots? Which sites are good? Where do they offer the best promotions and which games are more profitable?  These are questions, that many fans of casino games are asking. Here, we can say, that most things about games are a matter of personal choice. Everyone has preferences for a certain type of game, remembering that it generates random numbers and whether you will win or not is a great deal of luck. Here we will give you some tips that may be useful for beginners in online casinos, especially slots:

– Try a game for free if possible and then deposit real money. It’s good before you decide to deposit to try a game on a demo version, that’s free or with a no deposit bonus, where can be found at Promotion Tailor.  This will allow you to get acquainted with the options and features and to find out, if it is your style.

– Rate of return. Here, we think it is good to choose games with at least 95% return. Many games will look interesting and with high bonuses, but you have gone to have fun and also to win smth, so watch the % return. It’s important.

– Progressive jackpots – these are fast-paced jackpots with the chance to hit a high amount of money here. The higher bet offers higher chance to win, but do not get involved. Main thing in online casinos is to have fun, if you are lucky you will win.

– Use the casino bonuses. Many bonuses can be found in PromotionTailor. Bonuses are offered to clients and you are a client, do not miss them. This is a kind of prize that you play in this online casino. You can take advantage of casino bonus for a new client, bonus loyalty, regular customers, cashback bonus, no deposit bonus and more.

– Jackpot volume – depending on the game and the players on it, the jackpot can vary greatly. Our advice is to choose high jackpot games. With very low jackpots, you may play for hours, catch the jackpot, but found it’s actually very small and you’re not very happy, though we’re talking about fun, right?

– See deposit and withdrawal methods as well as limits. There are casinos with multiple deposit and withdrawal options and others that are limited. See also the maximum withdraws, because it may be that you have won a large amount of money and the online casino is too small and with lower withdraw limits, so you can not take all winnings. These were just some of the tips. We wish you a nice and interesting game and many profits.

Slot Machines Myths and Legends


Slot machines are very popular among casino gaming enthusiasts. They can be used both for offline and online game. The first machine was created in the distant 1899 by Charles Frey. The base of this machine is a number of drums which operates with the pull of the handle, rotate and each of them remains in a certain position.

Since then, many years have gone by and more and more casino players are now turning to online casino slot games. You do not only need to know how to play on these machines, but also learn about new games and tips. SlotsAsdviser provides very useful resources for slot games. It is interesting to know, that many players think that, if a slot machine has not made any profit for a period of time, it is a matter of time to make a win on this machine. Other principle is if machine has made a profit and for example a big one, this slot will not give anymore wins for a period of time. These are players’ theories, but the reality is that a machine can give successive times big profits, and another may not give in a long period of time. It’s mostly luck, but advice from professionals will help you. At the core of new slot machines are hardware devices that generate random numbers. Generate thousands of random numbers per second and whether you will press the button now or after a second will change the output of the result.

Another myth among players is that machines have a cycle, slot machines make profits over a period of time. This is also not proven and we think it is a myth. A machine can give frequent wins, and then no wins , but it does not depend on the algorithm and the cyclicality, but on the chance. As we have said, a large percentage of profits are based on luck. Another myth is related to automatic play. Some players believe that the machine gives smaller gains if it is in automatic mode and accordingly bigger, if manual press the start button or pull the lever.

This is not the case, because, as we said above, mathematics is the same. Random numbers are also a matter of luck to hit the winning combination, whether in manual or automatic mode. Let us also look at the question of the return on money invested. Many people are wondering what is the return on the slot games. It is different not only for the different casinos, but also for the games. This is real % of the pledges and earned money.

We can give as an example:

– Played 100 $ in 100 rounds, with a bet of $ 1 on every round. The return is assumed to be 95%, with a $ 1000 bet with a bet of $ 1 per 1000 spins, then the amount you will have in your account after the 1000 spins will be $ 950. This is just an example of a return and much depends on the type of game, online casinos and mostly luck. There are games with lower % returns and those with bigger ones, but the main thing is that the games are made as a kind of business and you have to keep in mind that the owner has created this casino to win. Real luck you can double or triple and why not win the jackpot, but you may not be able to lose money, so our advice is to take these games for fun and hobby especially. We wish you good luck!

Liverpool reached CHL final

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Liverpool is in the Champions League final and all merseysiders fans are eager to see whether the miracle will happen again, as in 2004-2005, when Liverpool managed to turn  3: 0 Milan in the first half to 3: 3 in regular time and then defeated the Italians with penalties (3:2).

How merseysiders reach the final?

Liverpool really impressed with his constant play in the Champions League for the season 2017-2018, as the team did not regret to be on high level in every match. Despite the absence of Steven Gerrard, who for many years was the “engine” of the team and played a leading role for the title in the 2004-2005 Chl season, the new players managed to work out and show their potential and this was seen, especially against class teams such as Roma, Manchester City, Porto and others.

Against this year Premiership champion – Manchester City champion, which led by a big difference (14 points from second one in EPL), Liverpool showed a class and a great desire for victory, and although many did not believe it. English team met Roma where matches were really filled with many emotions and goals. The total score of the two matches was 7: 6 in favor of Liverpool and many soccer bettors take offers, like this promotions 50/1 Liverpool to beat Roma.

In the first match between Liverpool and Roma, the English team provided 3 goals in advance (5: 2) and they were looking almost sure to the final, but when they go to  Italy, we saw that Roma in the last few minutes quickly reduced the lead to a one goal but still failed to qualify for the final.

After we look at the statistics, it is clear that Liverpool deserve to be in the final of the Champions League this season. The top scorers are Ronaldo with 15 goals, but right after that we see the 2nd, 3rd and at 4th place Muhammad Salah, Roberto Firminio and Sadio Mane. In Assistants, James Milner and Roberto Firmino are again leading the ranking, with 9 and 8 assists, respectively.

Liverpool trio did work well and the team not only reached the finals of the most famous football tournament, but also ranks 3rd in the Premiership. After reviewing the ranking, 3 rounds before the end of the season 2017-2018, we see that Liverpool and Tottenham will fight for third place, while Chelsea is at 5th position and will be very difficult to take place on top4.

What to Expect in the Final of Champions League?

We are hoping for an interesting match between two truly historical teams, with many titles from the European club tournaments.

Interesting results we see over the years between these two opponents, and here are the last three games:

– 04.11.2014 CL Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool

– 22.10.2014 CL Liverpool 0-3 Real Madrid

– 10.03.2009 CL Liverpool 4-0 Real Madrid

In the final, Liverpool will try to defeat this title club, but the task is unlikely to be easy. Real M. Is of the teams who have a lot of experience in this type of tournament and have always been strategically and not underestimating others, especially when talking about the final. Cristiano Ronaldo is again in top shape and will rely heavily on him, but let’s not forget experienced players such as Luke Modric, Tony Cross, Gareth Bale, Benzema and many other famous players, many of whom will be available to coach Zidan (Zizu).

Three weeks until final of CHL,  punters, who wants to bet, can make a research and find the best Betting Lounge, most desired odds and betting advices of Liverpool – Real Madrid game.

We expect, that merseysiders will rely on his star trio in attack (Salah, Firmino and Mane) and they will try to hinder the defense of the Spanish club. What will happen in this match and who will win the title, we are going to understand on 26 May 2018 Venue NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium, Kiev at 21:45, where will be held the Champions League final.