3 Targets For Manchester United To Hit In 2016

Punters agree that in the commencement of the 2015/2026 Premier League season, Louis Van Gaal and his team Manchester United should have made their targets clear. They should have focused on improving on the previous season.

Unfortunately for punters who had backed The Red Devils for performance in their Premier League Predictions, their hopes seem to have gone down the drain.

The waters are muddied and thanks to the lackluster performance leaving Manchester United cemented in the fifth position, 3 points clear from the fourth placed team. Manchester United is also nine points behind the league leaders.

So as we start off in the second half of the league in 2016, what are the Red Devils needed to do other than signing aboard Messi and Neymar to help them take the league? Well, they need to start by setting themselves achievable targets.

Before you ring your bookmaker and look at a possible Deposit Bet, we can discuss three things Van Gaal and his team should aim at achieving in 2016.

Bag Some Silverware

To be honest, this is a target that should be aimed at 2016/2017 season. The Red Devils should focus on lifting the EPL, Europa League or the FA Cup within the course of 2016. Such targets would come in handy helping The Red Devils regain their fading glory

2013 was the last year that Manchester United bagged proper silverware that was the Community Shield. So if they fail to win any silver in 2016, Manchester will have gone four years without any cup/trophy. Unfortunately, nothing of the first half of the season shows that United are still in the race to win the EPL.

Manchester United slumped after long serving manager Alex Ferguson retired and had been going through a rough time. It now seems a tough hurdle to win competitions, but this is Manchester United, a club that is supposed to keep winning as opposed to loosing.

Come Up With A Sensible Summer Transfer Window Plan

the summer of 2014 went down as the most difficult transfer period for The Red Devils. key player Daley Blind was brought in too late when his transfer ought to have been arranged much sooner. He now looked as if he was the last resort.

Moreover, Radamel Falcao’s last-minute arrival at the club was also a confusing move as Manchester United was well equipped with centre-forwards that time.

Punters were also not pleased with Angel Di Maria’s signing because it never changed Premier League Predictions in United’s favour.

2014 was the year where United failed to invest in the midfield centre an aspect that made it worse for the club.

2015 The Year United Was Slightly On Target

2015, the club seemed to be a little on target and better organised in buying players. a majority of the new signings were handled before the team went on a pre-season tour and for a minute, there was coherence sense.

That said; however, the end of the transfer window saw players sold/traded off from the team and thus left the Red Devils short of attacking options. The departure saw Old Trafford struggle with attacking and defending

So to help regain their fans loyalty and also perform better, we know that Van Gaal and his boys should make a definite plan in 2016. They need to focus their attention on achievable deals in centres where strengthening is needed and do all they have to do to steer clear of last-minute manoeuvring.

With such a plan in action, punters and fans alike will up their Deposit Bet and energise their support for the team.