Beginners Guide to Matched Betting

matched-bettingIf you are interested in Matched Betting and would like a more in depth look at this method and would like some online tools as well as tips to get started you can find more information if you read this matched betting guide.

In your quest to become a successful gambler, you must be prepared to endure ridiculous offers of systems and information that often prove to be ineffective, at times bordering on being a scam. Recognizing you neither have the time nor money to waste on such nonsense, there is one system that has proven to be very effective for an extended period of time. It’s called matched betting.

What is Matched Betting?

In a nutshell, matched betting is a process where a sports or horse racing punter bets both sides of an event in order to lock in guaranteed profits. It’s similar to a standard arbitrage process with one very important distinction, one side of the betting process is done with free money in the form of free bet offers given by online sports and race books. The process will work in any gambling environment where the odds are fixed and the possible outcome has two sides.

Beginners Guide to Matched Betting

As a beginner in the world of matched betting, this guide is designed to take you through the matched betting process at the most basic level. After you have invested enough time to master the process, you should be able to recognize all the potential it has for creating healthy profits on a consistent basis.

Step 1: The first thing you will need to do is open up at least two online wagering accounts. The first one will need to be with at least one reputable sports/race book. You want to select a reputable site(s) that has a distinguished history of giving out free bets as incentives for signing up and/or reloading your account. The other primary account needs to be with a reputable betting exchange like Betfair. This will allow you to act as the bookmaker for certain matched betting transactions.

Step 2: You need to do what’s necessary to secure your free bet(s). In some cases, you might get a free bet for simply signing up and making an initial deposit. More likely, you will have to make a small wager to earn the right to the free bet. This is easily handled by making the minimum required bet with your sports book on any event. This is called a “back bet.” Then you need to go to your betting exchange account and offer that same bet to other gamblers. This is called a “lay bet.” As long as the odds on both the back and lay bets are very close to the same, your risk will be minimal. Example: You bet £10 with your sports book at +150 on a soccer match. On the betting exchange, you lay the same bet at say +155. If the match has a favorable outcome, you win £15 from your sports book while having to pay out £16 (£15.50 on bet + exchange commission of 5% of bet amount) on the exchange for a net loss of £1. If your bet loses, you lose £10 to the book, but win £9.50 (£10 – 5% commission) on the exchange for a net loss of £.50. In both cases, your net loss is insignificant, but now you qualify for a free bet.

Step 3: Start matched betting with free bet monies. The betting process is going to be the exact same betting process you used to make your qualifying wager. The only difference is your sports book wager will be free. NOTE: Matched betting only works if the stake amount is returned along with any winnings. “Stake forfeited” free bets should not be used for this process. Here’s an example of how your guaranteed winnings are created. You back bet £50 with your sports book on a soccer match at +300. On the exchange, you lay the same soccer match at the same odds of +300. If your team wins, you collect £200 from the sports book while paying £152.50 (£150 + 5% commission) on the exchange. Your net profit is £47.50. If your team loses, you lose nothing with your sports book because the bet was free, but you win £47.50 (£50 bet – 5% commission. Again, your net profit is £47.50. GUARANTEED PROFIT.

Final Step: Collect your winnings and start looking for your next free bet.

If you are interested in a more in-depth look at Matched Betting, you can find a link to our matched betting guide at the top of the article.