Betfair Sports and Exchange Review

Today we will introduce you to one of the leaders in sports betting. It also offers a betting exchang and also has casino bets options.

The company is called Betfair. Betfair is one of the leaders currently in the gambling industry market. The company started its business in 2000, with the founder Andrew Black. Today the betting bookmaker is one of the most popular companiy in the world, especially for sports betting.

We can say that Betfair is one of the few companies, that offer a betting exchange. There, everyone can offer a sports match odds, and they can also benefit from it. You can check out more about betfair betting here.

Let’s continue with our review. We’re loading Betfair’s site into our browser and seeing what it looks like at first glance. The site is stacked. Standard Betfair colors are yellow and black. Bonuses for regular customers and new customers are also available. A bonus of 100 euro is available for new customers. To get the € 100 bonus, you have to make 5 bets of a minimum of € 5 and get 10 euro bonus. This option can be repeated 10 times up to the amount of 100 euro. Free bets do not need turnover, unlike many other bookmakers.


Betfair bookmaker design and site awareness

At the top left of the screen is Betfair’s logo. Then follow Help Center and two main options Sports and Sports Exchange buttons. From the right email user and password in white fields, where you can register, if you already have an account. If you do not have an account next to the button input there is a button on an account opening.

From there, you can register your account quickly and relatively easily. Let’s also see the main buttons:

All sports, pressing there Dropdown have Australian rules, Golf, football, darts, athletics, snooker, basketball, winter sports, motor sports, baseball, greyhound racing, martial arts bets, cycling, poker, boxing, horse racing and rugby league.

We really see interesting sports at the Betfair company. Let’s look at what’s down, because we have more buttons.

There are still many buttons here in the menu. These are the main button: live, cashout, an option where you can close your bets, when you decide and if there is anything to close. Football league, tennis, basketball, horse racing and volleyball. Definitely interesting things and a lot of options in the betfair company that are available on their site.


On betfair mobile you can bet and play also. Mobile version and app is well done and easy to use. You can make a cash out, to deposit and withdraw.

Bonuses and promo offers from Betfair

Let’s look a little further down what’s going on in the central part of the site. We have the New Customer Offer 100% New Customer Registration Bonus. You can get up to 100 euro, like a bonus if you are a new user and register in Betfair bookmaker. Below are the company’s terms and conditions, please read them before signing up. If you would like to register please register in Betfair. The site also features more bonuses at the betfair sportsbook. What do they offer as a bonus? € 20 bonus. How do we get the bonus? Make a 20 euro minimum bet on a sports betting and get a 20 euro bonus. Terms and conditions apply to Betfair.

Bonus one match combination. This is a very interesting option, where you can get better odds only on single game. And also many very high odds for different types of sports. An interesting promotion for Black Friday. There is a 100.00 odds, Yes to exactly 100 odds for Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool means 100 odds are given if they win their matches. All three teams must win their next matches and you can play for this position at 100.00 odds in the company. So you can choose What amount to play and bet if you decide. Very interesting offer. This is the Black Friday Offer. Company Terms and Conditions apply.

Let’s also get acquainted with the options that Betfair offers as any big company, and she looks to be in tune with the new new options and tanlings in the world of sports betting. You can also see our other bookmaker advisor reviews.

Inovative betting options in Betfair. Cash out and Price Rush

Betfair offers a cashout option. where you can close your bet, if you prefer. An interesting option when betting on single or multiple bets. When you have bet on three games, for example, both have finished ok for you, you want to take even less profit. Here’s where you can use Cash Out in Betfair. Without waiting for the third match, you see what is available in the cashout if you are happy to close the bet and end up with this bet and make a profit. At the same time, you can minimize lose through the Cash Out option.

We also have more Betting options in Betfair. Let’s look at one more of them.

That’s right it’s a Price rush. One of the latest innovations in the world of gambling. This is an option, where you get a percentage increase in some of the Sportsbook odds. This match option is available for one event only, you can not participate in a combination or a multiple event and you only have to play a single to use the Price Rush option at Betfair company.

What other bonuses do we find at Betfair sports bookmaker? You can get a bet: Golden  Goals 20 euros for players who recognize the first goalkeepers at the different Championships. This offer being available now for the Premier League and the Premier Division. Another offer in Betfair is for Casino fans.


Betfair casino

Betfair Casino offers 300% bonus to up to 300 euro for bew reistwred user + 20 free spins. You must to meet the wagering requirements of the bonus to withdraw it, so read carefully the terms and conditions of this casino bonus. Betfair also offer many promotions to existing customers, so don’t forget to check your e-mail about new promos.