Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses, casino games, promos and free spins. Many other casino and game promotions.

When it comes to casino bonuses, most people try to get the biggest bonus available in a casino, by looking for information on the internet, not only about the value of the bonus, but also the conditions for withdraw it.

New customer deposit bonus

Let’s start with How many bonuses there are in a short summary of the casinos. There are many bonuses types and let us know the type and conditions of these bonuses and the bonus bonus rules.

The main bonuses available in bookmakers or online casinos are a welcome bonuses – this kind of bonus is a bonus for a new sign up or the so-called Welcome Bonus casino. Most bonuses deposit bonuses are worth 100 percent match bonus, where you deposit a certain amount and get a 100% bonus on the deposit.

This is a kind of bigger chance and to be able to play with a bigger amount in the casino. We can give an example if customer deposit 100 GBP and apply for new sign up bonus type 100%, then the casino will give those player 100 GBP bonus, or he/she will have in player account GBP 200 to play.

No deposit bonus

Let’s look at another type of bonus offered regular in casinos. No deposit bonus. This kind of bonuses can be 10, 20, 50, 100 or other free spins to slot machines. Also, casino can charge your account with amount for example 5 GBP, 10 GBP and etc. The amount is generally not big, when it comes to a no deposit bonus and this amount is mainly offered in order to get acquainted with the casino games, to try them, to choose your favourite game and to understand, if its for you or not and if you like the casino games.

Reload bonuses, weekly or monthly bonuses

Monthly bonus or reload bonus this is also an interesting promotion. There are also weekly bonuses in some casinos. Bonus can be send to regular customers choosen by casino, bu also all customers sometimes can get a reload bonus. Please, read the terms and conditions of casino, to see if you can apply for those bonuses.

Loyalty bonus

Interesting bonus for regular customers. This is bonus for customers, that already has account in Casino. Company sometimes give special promo offers for those clients, like deposit bonus, free spins, free bets, prizes like holiday, journey promotions, advertising materials and etc. This bonus is for loyal and regular customers.

High roller casino bonus

This bonus i mainly offered to customers in casino, that make a big stakes, play regulary and make a big deposits. This clients can take a VIP casino bonuses and each casino offer different type of bonuses for those client. VIP casino programme offer better and bigger bonuses.

Refer a client casino bonus

Those bonus are given to players, that refer friends to play at Casino and for prize. Those players recieve a bonus, mainly a certain amount of money in the gaming account.

Cash rewards bonus

This is an amount, that will be deposit directly to your player account and there is no requirement to turn over. So, you can play with cash rewards, or can make a withdraw.