Football and Sports Betting Tips

Today, is a great time for new technologies, sports, as everything is connected over the Internet. It is the power of Internet that connects us all and we use the same power for building better casino and sports betting apps and websites. Millions of people play and bet every day. This is a huge industry today. Each day thousands of people sign ups and place their bets over millions of websites across the globe. We bring you some betting tips based on research which may help you in becoming a professional. If you want to learn more, you may check this. This is a really helpful website for sports and football betting enthusiasts.

Choose the correct Sportsbooks: this could be tricky but placing your bet on correct sportsbooks will give a great chance of winning. This is one of the most useful tip which we would like to provide to our readers and viewers. No matter which team you choose you will always have a better chance of winning. There are some points which needs to be noted. Always check who you bet on as this is one of the most crucial part of the game since all sports book may or may not be the same.

Place Bets on favorites:  try to always bet on the favorites. This increases your chances of winning. You may however, bet on the underdogs too, just be sure with your decision. There is a catch here, betting against the public could win you big and this is a proven fact that betting against the public leads to great rewards. Everyone is different, if you are the one who want to try out luck go ahead and make your bet.

Percentage of betting: you can check the betting percentages. Like you will always have a higher percentage of bet for the home team. You can place your bets on the home team as more chances and support is with the team.

These are some of the tips which we would like to share. Sports betting is growing huge day by day with millions of people joining. You can always try your luck and place your bets smartly.

Manchester City and Manchester United – top teams at the start of the Premiership

The two big Manchester Grands are at the top two in the Premiership. This is something that did not happen soon. Both teams are fighting for the first place, after only 8 rounds of the Premier League in England. They make a very good start of championship and at the moment City is the leader with 22-points, followed closely by Manchester United with 20 points. Most experts  in football are of the opinion that the “Special”, which is the coach of the “Reds”, namely Jose Mourinho, has a great merit. After the specialist came at Old Traford, the team regained their championship style of play and we now see the real face of Manchester United. What will happen until the end of the championship is difficult to say, but the start is amazing for both teams.

Manchester City headed by Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sané, Sergio Agüero, are well placed in the front row, and the presence of class defenders further hinders their opponents at the moment. Coach Pep Guardiola has decided to win the title this year with one of the most expensive selections in the Premiership so far.

Their eternal rival from Manchester has already gained the necessary confidence and after 6 convincing wins, 2 draws and 0 losses headed to the top. Reds rely mainly on Romelu Lukaku, Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Marouane Fellaini. Lukaku is a Manchester United top scorer with 10 goals scored and one goal assists in season 2017/2018.Last year champion Chelsea is at 5th position, followed by Arsenal, Burnley and Liverpool. Watford is a big surprise with their 4th place, but we are not sure, if they has a potential to finished in top teams in final standing.

Manchester derby will be on December 09, 2017, and fans of sports betting will not only be able to watch this match, but also bet on it. Currently, favorite in most bookmaking houses to win the Cup of Premiership  is Manchester City, with odds of 2/5 and for their Manchester United are offering odds 4/1, which is very attractive.

Third, but also with a chance for the title is Tottenham’s team with 17 points, which keeps most of its players, after transfer Summer market, including one of the best strikers in the world. The 24-year-old striker Harry Cane has scored 29 goals last season and is once again a leading figure for Tottenham Hotspur.

Still at the start of the Premiership, but after eight fights, the two big Manchester City and Manchester United leaders are clearly distinguishable, and they are also excellent in the Champions League where they are leaders of moment in their groups.

Sports you didn’t realise you could bet on

While most people know you can place a wager on a lot of things, such as the U.S presidency for instance, gambling has always focused more on sports. Whether you’re talking to a bookmaker or looking to do some betting online, it’s likely you’ll focus on the more popular things like football, rugby, or maybe some horse racing.

You might be thinking of horseracing here but equestrian events are different. Rather than racing the horse at speed about a track, it’s about riding it with dressage and perfectly composed jumps. It’s more likea dog show, like Crufts, than the pitched atmosphere of the Grand National. You can still put money down if you’ve got a good feeling about certain horse and rider pairs, though the betting is a little less frantic and doesn’t tend to use the Tote.

On the list of unconventional sports you can bet on, fishing is likely to be at the top of most people’s lists. Yes, even a relaxing afternoon at the lake can be bet on. It is mostly the big events like Fish-o-Mania but you can bet on all sorts of things like the weight of the winning fish, who the winning angler will be and more!

Originating in Ireland, hurling has a strong following worldwide for people interested in more unique games, it’s seen by some as being one of the most technically challenging games out there. With a ball that has to be bouncing on the end of a stick and a full-length pitch, hurling is fun to play!

Somewhat more obscure, kabbadi is an Indian game that you may not have heard of. It’s essentially a game of tag with teams of five and a full contact method of tag-backs. Each team send a single player in to ‘tag’ an opponent without being floored. It’s a little hard to explain, but kabaddi is also something you can bet on, though as with all the sports we’ve mentioned, you might want to make sure you know what’s what before putting some money down.

Professional Wrestling
While billing itself as ‘sports entertainment’ rather than a full-on sport, you can indeed bet on pro wrestling! Of course, the result of a match is decided long in advance so it’s not really in the hands of fate, but you can still be surprised by an outcome and have a little fun putting your money where your mouth is by backing your favourite stars.

The Japanese heavyweight national sport is also something you can bet on, similar to boxing and MMA. With several major competitions every year and a strong stable of sumo wrestlers, if you know a bit about the sport it can be a great choice for a more esoteric one to bet on!

Yep, you can even bet on competitive surfing. Though it’ll mostly be major events like the Rip Curl Pro and the Billabong Pipeline Masters that open the books, once a competition starts you can start putting money on who’s going to perform best and win the whole thing!

Bale to Stay and Fire Real to Greater Glory

When Gareth Bale first swapped the surroundings of North London and annual outings in the Europa League for the chance of greater success in Madrid, the decision reaped instant rewards. Bale was an injured bystander when former club Spurs won their last trophy in 2008 but by the end of the 2013/14 campaign, the Welshman had helped his new club Real win two major competitions.

The Copa Del Rey was secured and Bale was instrumental in his side’s Champions League triumph, scoring the winner in extra time as Real Madrid beat cross-city rivals Atletico in the final.

Bale is Back

IMG_7834” (CC BY 2.0) by Rorals

Despite all the success in terms of medals, injuries have played a significant part in Bale’s time in Spain and supporters of the winger will have been encouraged by his recent performance against Real Sociedad, scoring his second of the new campaign in a 3-1 victory.

Real are a better team with Gareth Bale in their side and Zinedine Zidane’s men found themselves as an even money shot for the title in bet365’s La Liga betting markets in the wake of that win; it’s now even possible to claim a free bet to make that stake. However, even when he is scoring, reports of a return to the Premier League in England are never far away.


Bale” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by ahmedta

Far from being a fan’s favourite as he was with Tottenham, Bale has been jeered by certain sections of the Real Madrid support in recent weeks. Reports of a rift with Cristiano Ronaldo appeared almost as soon as the Welshman arrived in Spain and regardless of the truth behind those rumours, they will only continue to fuel stories linking the player with a return to England.

Real’s official stance on the subject is unclear but a number of respected pundits, including Guillem Balague, have questioned why Gareth Bale would want to leave such a successful club. Manchester United are on their way back under Jose Mourinho and look like genuine Premier League title contenders for the first time since Alex Ferguson left the club. Then there is the question of Spurs, a team that are now competing for the Champions League places and a club with whom Bale may consider he has unfinished business. But they aren’t Real Madrid, a team that is at the pinnacle of world football and far more likely to win the Champions League rather than just make up the numbers.


Gareth Bale” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Jan S0L0

Ultimately the decision over leaving the Bernabeu may not be down to the player and it’s likely that the club will decide when Gareth Bale’s time in Madrid is up. As impressive as the Welshman may be, he isn’t Cristiano Ronaldo who is regarded as something of a God by Madrid fans and has the scoring record to make him indispensable.

That decision is for the future but for now, Real Madrid are a more potent force with a fit and firing Bale included in their ranks. They are only marginal outsiders for the La Liga title in 2017/18 but what little value there is in this market, lies with Zidane’s men right now.

Top Tips For The 2017/18 Champions League

The premier European club competition, the Champions League, is back underway which means there is plenty of top-class football to look forward to until the final on May 26 in Kiev. The tournament is also a great opportunity to find a few winners if you like betting on the Champions League. Here are some tips for the 2017/18 renewal of the competition.

Real Madrid to win the tournament – 4/1

SPORF via Twitter

Real Madrid have dominated this competition for the past two season as they lifted the trophy in 2016 in Milan, while earlier this year they became the first team to retain their title. Going into the 2017/18 campaign, Real still look to be the best side in Europe. Their second half performance against Juventus in the 2017 Champions League final was as good as it gets in club football. They blew a very good defensive football team away in a breath-taking display. PSG are many people’s tip this season after they spent £400 million the summer on Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. The French club may well dominate Ligue 1 with some big scorelines each week; however, they still don’t look to be anywhere near the standard of the champions. Therefore at 4/1, Zinedine Zidane’s team appear to be great value to make it a hat-trick of consecutive wins. Real Madrid have also been a popular Oddschecker football tip in La Liga this season where they are odds-on to defend their league championship.

Neymar to be the top goalscorer – 16/1

Squawka Football via Twitter

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have dominated the top goalscorer charts in the Champions League over the last couple of decades and rightfully both men are at the top end of the betting this year again. If you fancy taking a chance at a bigger price this season, Neymar could be a good bet at 16/1 to break their stronghold. The Brazilian is going to be the leading man at PSG and as long as they have a deep run into the latter stages of the tournament, he should be challenging in the scoring charts. PSG have been drawn with Anderlecht and Celtic and often the player who is the top scorer in the Champions League, gains the majority of their goals from the group stages. It hard to see PSG going all the way just yet in Europe, however, they broke the world record on Neymar to put them in serious contention so they can expect the Brazil international to give them something in return for their Euros.

The latest round of Champions League games take place on September 26, while the opening knockout games begin on February 13.

Premier League – start of the season


All fans of football matches are really satisfied with the start of the English Premier League season 2017/2018. Although, that the season began weeks ago, we can say that it is more exciting to date. Let’s see standing at Leader for the first time is not Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool or Arsenal, but Manchester United. This Manchester Grand had started well with 3 wins in 3 games and hinted at the goals he had set for himself, namely the champions’ title. Leader of the team is one of the best coaches in recent years – Jose Mourinho. The team has been almost always in top 3 at the Sir Alex Ferguson years, but after his retirement we saw Manchester losing form and quite often in the middle of the table, which was not typical of such a grand. Time will tell, if the Red Devils will be able to qualify for the title with one of the best strikers like Ibrahimovic and Pogba.

An interesting development in the Premier League is observed at the moment when Manchester United leader and second Liverpool was followed by third – Huddersfield. They just has just been promoted this year. The team stood up strongly for the season and moved away class players to pose a threat to most of the league’s teams. Recently Huddersfield moved through opposed goalkeeper Robert Green of Leeds. Whether this is going to be the big surprise of the season is yet to be understood, but the start is definitely impressive.

Last season, the champion was Chelsea, and this year they will try to repeat their success, but at the moment, their start is not as good as they like to be. For 3 games played, the blue have 5 points in their assets. They are in 6th place, after 2 wins and one loss.

Let’s see what happens at the bottom of the table. In general, the heavily populated Tottenham in recent years is now in 9th place and Everton with Wayne Rooney is just 12th in moment standing. However, it is quite early in the season and it is likely that the ranking will be changed. We will look forward to the development of the fights in this interesting championship – the English Premier League.

3 Biggest Mistakes that Newly Promoted EPL Teams Make

When Championship clubs get promoted to the English Premier League they get a huge amount of money from TV rights and other types of revenue. Some clubs invest this money smartly, just like punters who regularly check the best sports picks invest their money on the right picks.

However, there are also clubs, which after getting promoted, decide to either keep the money or to spend them in a variety of wrong ways. Sometimes their owners get greedy and use the club as a money making machine, and sometimes the board splashes the money on a number of bad investments in the playing and coaching staff.

In this article we will take a look at the 3 biggest mistakes that newly promoted EPL clubs make.

Buying Championship Quality Players

This is probably the biggest mistake that newly promoted clubs make. In the past these clubs have been working with a restricted transfer budget and probably had a lot of difficulties in recruiting the Championship players that they wanted.

However, after getting promoted to the top tier and receiving a financial injection from the FA and their sponsors, these clubs suddenly have more money to operate with than they had ever had. So what do they do? Buy all the Championship players they had ever wanted of course.

Clubs such as Hull, Sunderland, Burnley and Norwich have all done this in recent years and all of them got promptly relegated in the same season they used this transfer tactic.

Championship players are Championship players for a reason. They score goals and look terrific in the second tier of English football, but when they need to make the step up they just couldn’t do it. And if you assemble a squad of Championship talent you inadvertently prepare for Championship football in the following season.

Buying Journeymen

Just like with the previous entry, buying journeymen, free agents and players with nomadic past is a common transfer tactic employed by newly promoted clubs.

The problem with this one however, is that these players have been moving clubs so often that they show no sense of loyalty to their club and as soon as things start to go wrong they will start pining for a move away.

In addition, they are rarely better than average and clubs try to get rid of them as soon as they realize this. To move and uproot your family every year if you had a chance to stay with the same club and in the same city is not the ideal situation we are sure you will agree.

Bad Managerial Choices

The best way to survive in the EPL is to hire a manager such as Tony Pulis or Sam Allardyce. These bosses have experience of saving relegation candidates from drowning and should always be the first choice.

The best way to get relegated from the EPL is to hire a former star player such as Gianfranco Zola or Alan Shearer who has been a great player, but is a terrible manager with limited experience.