FIFA Respond to Apparent Leaking of Lionel Messi as 2015 Ballon d’Or Winner

2015 Ballon d’Or Winner will be officially announced on January, 2016, in a star-studded award ceremony. Well, that was the case, now, however, the cat’s been let out of the bag as there has been a leak!

Punters have been using their bookmaker bonus to predict between Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar. There are now endless questions on the lips of many a football fan all over the world.

The trio was announced as the finalist for the prestigious award. Officially, one of the three is set to emerge as the winner of the coveted golden ball on January. The ceremony goes down as one of the star-studded events in the football world.

Unfortunately, FIFA might just have spoilt for everyone waiting with bated breath by letting the cat out of the bag! just a week before the official handing of the award, the winners list appears to have been updating on FIFA’s website.

After noticing the mishap, the list was removed swiftly but not before it revealed the big secret that Argentine international Lionel Messi is going to claim the first Ballon d’Or in three years!

The leak disheartened many Punters that had bet big on other players through soccer picks. More so because it listed Celia Sasic the sensational German striker to have won the 2015 women’s crown!

The Leakage

The trio of Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo was proving to be tough to choose the best of the three players given the year they all have had.

However, FIFA accidentally revealed the winner and officials are scampering right, left and center to deny the allegations.

Given the information supplied in many bookmaker guides, Lionel Messi was picked as the favourite to win the gong. The odds stood at 1/33 in his favour, and this was before FIFA gaffed.

Messi was able to net in 48 goals for Barcelona in 53 matches that the team participated in.

The leaked screenshot, however, failed to show the players that came in second and third positions.

For the women, the German National Sasic who retired from professional football at just 27 years was revealed to be the winner.

Sasic retired claiming that she is looking to new things in her life such as continuing with her education, and starting a family soon.

If you are one of the many punters that picked the two as likely winners on Bookmaker bonus, you’d better cross your fingers!


The Denial

FIFA was quick to respond to the leakage claims denying that there was any leakage from their side. The football association body denied claims that the list of the 2015 Ballon d’Or winner was uploaded on their official site in error.

On Twitter, FUT 16 coins media account sent out a tweet saying that a story that was posted last year in November has resurfaced. The story suggests that FIFA has leaked the winner of the award that is not the case.

FIFA insists that the winners will be officially announced on January, 2016 in a ceremony that will be held in Zurich, Switzerland.


Whether the FIFA denies or accepts that it leaked the winners of the prestigious award, one thing remains clear, that soccer picks have been affected. Punters that were rushing to try out their luck on bookmaker bonus will favour the Argentine.