Football prediction for Premier League Saturday


Saturday UK Premier League football picks

Today we will let you know for a prediction of a match of the Premier League of England. The match between Arsenal and Wolverhampton.  This two teams played 10 fights each other, as Arsenal has won nine of them. One has finished in a draw and Wolverhampton has not won a match against Arsenal till now.  If we look at the ranking Arsenal is fifth in the Premier league at the moment. The team has 4 – 1 – 1 statistics at home and we can say, that is a stable team, that is generally in the top 5 of the Premier League of England over the past years.

Wolverhampton are not at the top level this season. Wolverhampton has three consecutive losses although it was close to taking a point in these 3 games. Results show, that team is not in good performance now.  Its in the 11th position of the ranking in Premier League. This match shows after look at the statistics between Arsenal and Wolverhampton, that Arsenal is in better position to win on Saturday.

Arsenal is fifth in table ranking. Wolverhampton is on the 11th  position. Depends on sport form, Arsenal’s form is 75% at the moment and of the guests Wolves is 33% now. Actually seen by the statistician and from the analysis of this game, we can just try to play a home win for Arsenal. Victory  for Arsenal at odds 1.70, 1.80 according to the bookmaker. Here our forecast will be the Arsenal to win this match from the Premier League of England. We think it will be a hard match, but maybe with a goal difference Arsenal will win. Our prediction is home win.