Latest Changes in the Football Transfer Arena

In what seems to be the latest move that seeks to change the face of Liverpool, a new manager is set for signing and this is expected to bear great results for the team. For quite some time now, owners of the team have been trying to think around their options and out of several probable candidates; one has emerged as the best. This is a major change in the football arena.

Many had expressed mixed reactions regarding the previous manager and it was felt that according to the performance of the team, it was time for the former manager to leave to create space for this change. The team has been on the low and the football arena was keen to check on what would be the next move by the team.

As was expected, Liverpool has chosen its new manager who will be Jurgen Klopp once the final details about his transfer are fine tuned. He is the former manager of Borussia Dortmund and he is currently 48 years of age. It is expected that this change will bring back life to the team and that the impact of the same will be felt across the football arena.

Word has been going around that the low morale of the team is what has contributed to poor performance in the recent days and if the answer to this was a change of the manager, this should be reflected through improvement in the game and rankings too. The football arena is characterized with many changes and some of them are long awaited at times and this is one of those.

Settling on a particular manager for such a team was definitely not an easy thing going by the time that this has taken. Being a decision that was to be made by several different individuals after being thought out keenly, it was bound to drag and many had been left guessing over the same period of time. Now the matter can be laid to rest as Klopp gets to finish signing the paperwork.

Some of his achievements include a champions League final in his history as well as two titles from Bundesliga. These attributes have made his profile to rise and it is believed that he will more with his new team. Though success may not be an immediate achievement in the new team, the expectation is that in due course he will find his way around the team to drive it to success.

The nature of the deal he has signed at Anfield is one that will see him manage the team for the next three years and there is also the option to take it further than this after consent has been obtained. Klopp has convinced the principle owner of the team that he is capable of delivering as expected and that this is part of his own vision.

Currently, there is a lot of anticipation on the part of football lovers that his plan will actually work that ensuring that this is achieved in the long run will be his greatest task going forward. It is not easy to carry such a load on one’s shoulders with the knowledge of what is expected from you. Klopp has his plate full already and he will need to work at it until his efforts bear fruit.

The glory days of Liverpool need to be restored and even better than this, registering great performance is key for the future of this team and for Klopp as an individual. Any positive improvement on the team will be well received in the football arena by both fans and players of the team. It is time for Klopp to prove that this is possible.