Pep Guardiola’s arrival could mean Paul Pogba, John Stones, and Lionel Messi signings in summer

The confirmation announcement that Pep Guardiola will be taking over from Manuel Pellegrini at the end of the season has seen punters start speculation

Rumour mills doing rounds suggest that we should start seeing marquee transfer signings of the world’s best football players to Manchester City.

The English club that is on top of the EPL league currently overshadowed winter transfer deadline by declaring that current Bundesliga league club (Bayern Munich) Guardiola is taking over as the new manager come July.

Manchester City fans are ecstatic with the announcement as they believe when the Spaniard takes over the reigns at City, the club will have a better future.

More are now concentrating on the martingale system to help them predict which players Pep will bring along.

Guardiola is seen to have a magnet ability that attracts the best footballers such as John Stones, Everton defender, Barcelona star striker Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba Juventus sensational midfielder.

These are players that will see bookmakers attract punters by giving out a big betting bonus.


The Rumour About Possible Signups

The BBC is helping churn the rumours by writing on their website that it’s likely that Pep is going to lure into his camp the likes of Messi and Pogba to make their debut in the EPL. They were also hasty to make a claim that such a move would be scary for the league!

The rumour BBC is spreading doesn’t stop there as it also claims that Pep a 45-year-old manager will make his attempt by luring Everton with a  £50m to sign up Stones. Unfortunately, punters believe that luring Lionel Messi to play in the EPL is far-fetched.

The belief that it would be difficult to convince Lionel Messi to leave his success behind at Barcelona and his other team players Luis Suarez and Neymar.

There are some bookmakers offering wagers and a betting bonus to bettors who are willing to chance that Lionel Messi would consider a move to the EPL and at Manchester City.

Should this dream change into reality, Manchester City would have to pay a lot of money to get Messi. Moreover, it would also boil down to the player whether he would want to leave Camp Nou and make his debut in the EPL at the Etihad Stadium.

The Guardian Report

Not to be left behind in the rumour mill, The Guardian through Michael Butler reports that the first list of transfers on Pep Guardiola’s list this summer will start of with Pogba. However, the manager in waiting is touted to raid the reds and sign in Thiago Alcantara.

Thiago Alcantara has been rumoured for a long while to want a move to Manchester. The Italian-born player is in Pep’s good books who happened to sign him from Barcelona in 2013, notes Michael Butler.

But before we get it twisted, it’s important that we remember that despite having success at Barcelona, Pep didn’t last long at Bayern Munich as it was predicted. Will his tenure at the EPL be better or worse? We are yet to see.

Punters, however, are not sitting and waiting for Pep to make his debut to make a move. They have already begun studying the martingale system to use it when the 45-year-old Italian takes over at Manchester City.