Predictions for Football in 2016

As we continue turning pages in the new calendar, it’s always best to reflect on what we expect to see in the future. In this spirit, we look at what the year 2016 has in hold for the world of football. We now see what’s at stake for European football clubs.

The Elusive Champions League Title

Since its reformatting in 1992, no European club has been able to retain the title after the competition graduated from a knock-out competition. Well, things might turn in 2016 as punters put their Soccer Picks to Barcelona setting history.

The triple threat made up of Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi and Brazilian sensation Neymar are a trio to boot. Barca has a tight and creative midfield, the broken part being their defence position that has made the go through a humiliating 4-1 defeat by Celta Vigo.

Punters have placed Barcelona as the favourite club to retain the Champions League Cup. However, it’s not going to be smooth sailing for them as German side Bayern Munich is proving to be a club and a half after defeating the Catalans by 7- nil.

The Less Attractive Premier League Predictions

When we come to the Premier League, things are more of confused than rosy, with the recent kick started managerial merry-go-round. It began with The Reds after Brendan Rodgers was kicked out, then later followed The Blues who showed Jose Mourinho out the door.

Jürgen Klopp is the new man for Liverpool FC and Guus Hiddink is now at the helm of Chelsea football. After serving his contract at Bayern, celebrated coach Pep Guardiola decided against renewing his contract leaving Carlo Ancelotti to head the German based team.

Rumour mills are churning out non-stop with Premier League Predictions, predicting that Pep will be picked to manage one of the big three teams in the Premier League.

Meanwhile, The Red Devils manager Louis Van Gaal is under pressure with his team losing consecutive matches in the EPL. Things are also not better for Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini who has failed to show a great performance for yet another season.

The soccer picks that are being favoured now are a June announcement for Pep Guardiola to manage Manchester City and Jose Mourinho to manage Manchester United. These are however just picks and predictions.


The EPL Woes

The rampant problems in the EPL clubs, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City are an advantage for Arsenal FC. The Arsene Wenger side now has a better chance of scooping the EPL Cup after a decade.

Arsene Wenger is still the big spender in the player transfer market. Unfortunately, having a long list of injuries in his team, it means that The Gunners chances of winning the EPL are not as bright as they would think.

It’s up to Arsene Wenger to keep key players like Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez to remain in top form in the second half of the 2015/2016 season. Given the tight race between The Gunners and Man City, soccer picks are neck and neck favouring either team.

Finally, Action on Serie A

Serie A title race is seeing punters switch loyalty and teams. The teams in the top league are only points apart. Inter Fiorentina, Roma, Juventus and Napoli are only separate with a meagre five points. The unfortunate bit being all teams are riddled with flaws making this season a must watch.

Sadly, however, punters believe that it’s a mistake to have all the big teams tied in such a race because the smaller clubs are forgotten. With big teams so close to the title race more and more money is poured into predictions and there is a lot of adrenaline surging.

So either way, the Serie A league is attracting audiences from all over the world!