Pulev – Fury on box night



Kubrat Pulev and Fury will make a box boxing night on October and this this will be a historical fight between this two players.

On October also there will be a many volleyball games basketball games and racing in Formula 1 but this boxing match will be one of the most exciting sport event on October. The date of box event is 27 October 2018 year.

What we’ll say about Pulev vs Fury

Full face one of the most famous boxers nowadays and after knock down from Vladimir Klichko and also some good games between famous boxer,  there will be a chance for Kubrat Pulev to fight with Anthony Joshua, but this fight will be important also for Fury. One of those two player, jas the chance to fight with the boxer champion now a days Joshua. The boxing night will be on October 27th in the arena Arena Armeez in Bulgaria, Sofia capital. Bulgarian boxer has 25 wins 1 losses and 13 knockouts and the Champion of Great Britain in the heavyweight category has 21 wins one lost and 11 knockouts. Fury is also good fighter, but don’t pass fights with many players like Kubrat Pulev. The winner of this boxing tournament, will pretend for the World Cup of the international boxing federation IBF. On boxing night there we can see a Polish fighter and Leonardo Bros, who will fight each other before the main boxing game also in Demma sport 2 TV – the Bulgarian television.

People who interested in box can see the fight in the European title in the leight category between the two players one of them has no lost in their previous games and this this is Lewis Ritson and Francesco Patera and this is so we’ll be in the international gala night in the Newcastle. which we can see on October 30 on night. hte British Pretender says he will be a winner on those boxing game with Kubrat Pulev and said that he will win and he think that will become The Pretender of the champion in box  for fight with Anthony Joshua.

Also Fury say that Kubrat Pulev is a serious fighter and you know that he must be in the great form and he said that he think that will win. but now make a good trainin, before the fight on 27th October in Arena Armeez Stadium. Fury say yes to go to Sofia and to play this game and we will see what will happen till 27 October 2018 year.