Sports you didn’t realise you could bet on

While most people know you can place a wager on a lot of things, such as the U.S presidency for instance, gambling has always focused more on sports. Whether you’re talking to a bookmaker or looking to do some betting online, it’s likely you’ll focus on the more popular things like football, rugby, or maybe some horse racing.

You might be thinking of horseracing here but equestrian events are different. Rather than racing the horse at speed about a track, it’s about riding it with dressage and perfectly composed jumps. It’s more likea dog show, like Crufts, than the pitched atmosphere of the Grand National. You can still put money down if you’ve got a good feeling about certain horse and rider pairs, though the betting is a little less frantic and doesn’t tend to use the Tote.

On the list of unconventional sports you can bet on, fishing is likely to be at the top of most people’s lists. Yes, even a relaxing afternoon at the lake can be bet on. It is mostly the big events like Fish-o-Mania but you can bet on all sorts of things like the weight of the winning fish, who the winning angler will be and more!

Originating in Ireland, hurling has a strong following worldwide for people interested in more unique games, it’s seen by some as being one of the most technically challenging games out there. With a ball that has to be bouncing on the end of a stick and a full-length pitch, hurling is fun to play!

Somewhat more obscure, kabbadi is an Indian game that you may not have heard of. It’s essentially a game of tag with teams of five and a full contact method of tag-backs. Each team send a single player in to ‘tag’ an opponent without being floored. It’s a little hard to explain, but kabaddi is also something you can bet on, though as with all the sports we’ve mentioned, you might want to make sure you know what’s what before putting some money down.

Professional Wrestling
While billing itself as ‘sports entertainment’ rather than a full-on sport, you can indeed bet on pro wrestling! Of course, the result of a match is decided long in advance so it’s not really in the hands of fate, but you can still be surprised by an outcome and have a little fun putting your money where your mouth is by backing your favourite stars.

The Japanese heavyweight national sport is also something you can bet on, similar to boxing and MMA. With several major competitions every year and a strong stable of sumo wrestlers, if you know a bit about the sport it can be a great choice for a more esoteric one to bet on!

Yep, you can even bet on competitive surfing. Though it’ll mostly be major events like the Rip Curl Pro and the Billabong Pipeline Masters that open the books, once a competition starts you can start putting money on who’s going to perform best and win the whole thing!