How to earn from betting – advice

Earn from betting – information and advice

earn from bettingHello friends,

Most gamblers and fans of sports betting ask one very popular question: How to earn from betting? Most the players want quick wins, but this is not as easy at it seems.

What I see, many bettors put their money on the lowest odds, for example, 1.10-1.20 and say: This game is sure. What is sure game and is this thing exist? I may say no. There are lots of examples on games with odds 1.10, 1.15 that don’t win but lost. I can give many examples, but one of the freshest – Rapid Wien – Wiener N. – home win was 1.15, 1.20 odds, so game 0:0 FT. Who bet on 1 /home win/ lost. There are some factors that are important and there are some rules, that must be followed if bettors want to earn from betting and not to lost fast their money.

Depends on players, I can say, there are 2 groups. One of them risk a lot, play high odds games and waiting for good money from a small stake. These players want for example 100$ with a bet of few bucks. With that method, you win very rarely because in most cases you looking for surprises and bet several games in a row.

Another group, don’t like risk betting. They carefully see the daily games and put their money on favorites with low odds. They win more often, but earning is not big, for example, 100$ on 1.30 odds = 130 $. With 100$, earning is only 30$. That’s not bad, but what happened if lost. If lost 1 game, those bettors must win 4 times to get his 100$ and win 20$. So we can say that if they lose, they lose heavily and after that recovery is difficult. This is the most common group of people that make bets, but all of them want to earn from betting.