The World’s 15 Most Valuable Footballers, Including Harry Kane, Anthony Martial And More

A player’s value is considered through the transfer fee, performances and the player’s personal attributes. These are factors that head-hunters look for when they are in pursuit of the must have football players.

A recently launched study shows that Harry Kane now stands as the fifth most valued football player in the world. Well, he may come in at the fifth position, however, he still trails Lionel Messi in terms of worth by three times!

The latter (Lionel Messi) is still the world’s most valued player in the world even after his stock dropped by a whopping €17 million!

If you visit any bookies today, they will update you with the news that the CIES Football Observatory has done these valuations. The costs are centered on the following aspects:

  1. The performance and the personal characteristic of the footballers

  2. Economic model analysis transfer fees

  3. The players ages, contract lengths and positions

CIES advanced technologies have warranted players in the five big leagues to be assessed. The league’s’ picked include; Ligue 1, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga.

The recent assessment shows that Lionel Messi’s value has dipped by €17 million. Neymar’s value, on the other hand, has soared in the last six months. He was previously valued at €94 million, he is now valued at €157 million.


Other Players

Before you visit bookies online or on the high street and make that deposit bet, you should also consider that Eden Hazard is still ranked at the third position.

Although he has had a difficult time in the Premier League, and suffered a decrease in valuation by €12 million, Eden is still firmly placed as the third most expensive footballer.

What has astounded bookies, punters and football fans alike is Kane’s remarkable rise. a staggering €35 million has been added to his value and he is now valued at €91 million.

Moreover, with such an addition, Harry Kane has risen from the mid 20s position and is now sitting pretty at the 5th position.  He is now worth more than the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Sergio Aguero and Luis Suarez.

The bigwigs missing from the top 15 places include; 16th to 19th placed;

16. Robert Lewandowski

17. Gareth Bale

18. Romelu Lukaku

19. Diego Costa

Arsenal’s golden boy Mesut Ozil who is currently the English Premier League player of the season sits at the 27th position. Ozil is valued at €51 million and with his current form, we predict that by the next audit, he will have jumped several places.